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See you next year!

2016-09-22 14:07:29 by HeatherElric

How time flies, it's that time of the year again 
The madness hype might be slowing fading
Or it's just me growing up and shifting my interest
But I'll always remember this day 
And together we'll contribute artworks, animations, songs, games, or anything related to madness
For Madness Combat has made our childhood/teenage years AWESOME

Happy Madness Day Everyone!


P.S. I really need to change my username...

A Rare Visit

2013-09-22 09:25:04 by HeatherElric

Finally, I have the courage to make another visit here.
The last visit... well... probably last year's Madness Day...
Also, check out my latest Madness Day art -- Attack On Madness

See you on Madness Day, next year ^_^
I promise to make a Madness Day art each year, Promise.

I'm back!

2011-10-23 23:57:33 by HeatherElric

I can feel my drawing mood again...YAY!! Maybe it's because Halloween is coming soon~~ >w<
Here's what I've been doing these days:
(11th October)
Yaaaaaaaaaaaay no more PMR!!! (*PMR: An examination in Malaysia)
(The day after that)
Nooooooooooo so boring T T
(The day after that day and the day after that day)
...I wanna go to school...

I got a 'Like' at my Madness Day entry from Krinkels on Facebook! That really made me gone madness XD I believe the next Madness Day will be even AWESOME! Let's do our best and again, HAPPY MADNESS DAY EVERYONE!

How can I get scouted??

2011-09-15 04:34:07 by HeatherElric

I need people's comments and support for my Madness Combat AV (Anime Version). Just how can I get scouted??? :(

I posted my art, but I can't see it at the Art Portal...I did clicked 'This is not a sketch, include it at the Art Portal...(sorta)' thingy...but I still can't see it! :/ Why?????

Hiii Boooooooooys!!

2011-04-19 10:21:01 by HeatherElric

I'm new here everyone~~ and I'm here to say hi^^ and have a nice day!!